Sunday, October 4, 2009

Curious about expressive aphasia?

Help yourself to three informative websites about expressive aphasia!

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Aphasia

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has published an informative site about aphasia, more specifically, expressive aphasia.  This site gives a clear description of aphasia along with the signs or symptoms, such as expressive or receptive aphasia.  A list of characteristics for expressive and receptive aphasia are also provided. This site also explains the evaluation process that is done by the Speech-Language Pathologist to determine the type and severity of aphasia.  The evaluation process which assesses speech, understanding, expressing, social communication, reading and writing are further explained. Treatments that are available for those with aphasia are also provided.    

In my opinion, this is an excellent site for those looking for information about expressive aphasia.  In order to fully understand expressive aphasia, it's important to have a complete understanding of aphasia and the difference between expressive and receptive aphasia, and this site guarantees that.  The information is well organized and easy to understand, which enables readers to enjoy!  

Expressive Aphasia: Effective Home Treatment

Although there is no cure, this site provides information and exercises on effective home treatment for expressive aphasia.  This site first gives a brief overview on expressive aphasia, other medical names that are commonly used for expressive aphasia and the many causes. This site gives specific examples of speech patterns of expressive aphasics and exercises that will help improve spoken language.  Although not all patients will demonstrate every symptom associated with the disorder, this site provides a list of possibilities.  

This site, in my opinion, will provide the caregivers of those with expressive aphasia many exercises, strategies and techniques for home treatment.  This site will enable those with expressive aphasia to become comfortable and familiar with the techniques used during speech therapy.  This site is well organized with accurate information.  

Adler Aphasia Center: Caregiver Aphasia I.Q. Quiz

This is such an awesome site! This site provides a quiz that will be helpful when assessing the many skills as a caregiver of those with expressive aphasia.  Since those with expressive aphasia are unable to advocate for themselves, caregivers are responsible for their lifestyle and medical treatments.  The quiz provides ways to enhance a caregivers' skills, improve the quality of life for those with expressive aphasia and provide the education, resources and support that is needed in order to provide the best care.  At the end of the quiz, a list of correct answers are provided with detailed analysis of each.

This is a great site! If I was a caregiver for someone with expressive aphasia, I would greatly appreciate such information.  This is turn is very beneficial for caregivers who may need a better understanding on the skills needed to improve the quality of life of those with expressive aphasia. 



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